‘Neighbours’, poetry, 2016

Awarded second place in the Ros Spencer Poetry Competition from WA Poets Inc, organisers of the Perth Poetry Festival. Read ‘Neighbours’ for free by scrolling down the judges’ announcement page.


‘Shop Til You Drop’, short fiction in Verity La, 2015

Read ‘Shop Til You Drop’ for free at Verity La


‘Cubbyhouses’, short fiction in Tincture Journal #11, 2015

Buy Tincture in ebook form


‘Matthew and Rob’, short fiction in Voiceworks #100 ‘To & Fro’, 2016

‘Matthew and Rob’ was selected for Voiceworks 100th issue alumni-edited section, available as print and ebook via their website.


‘Cockatoos in Late May’, poetry in Voiceworks #97 ‘Habit’, 2014

To read this and other poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Australian writers under 25, order a copy of ‘Habit’ on the Voiceworks website